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Let's Landscape That Pool

Ready to take on the task of landscaping your pool space? You generally don't realize the importance of the types of trees you use until it's too late. Let's go over a few rules you should follow for the trees around your pool that will require minimal upkeep and provide the best aesthetics.

The trees you choose should have minimal leaf drop and are not overly messy. You want to avoid cleaning seeds, fruits, flowers, and dead leaves as much as possible. This task can get tedious.

Choose trees that have shallow root systems. Some tree roots can cause cracks in the concrete and cause problems with the plumbing.

Choose trees that can be moved around in large growing containers.

Go with a tree that matches the theme of your decor, weather that's tropical, Japanese, Mediterranean, desert oasis, etc.

Pick a tree that doesn't block a view you may want to keep when it's fully grown.

Below, we'll list the top 9 of our favorite trees to use throughout your pool landscaping. We recommend these trees based on their root system and the minimal amount of shedding in their leaves and fruits. Choose from one below that will match the theme of your decor:

  1. Palm Trees

  2. Citrus Trees

  3. Banana Trees

  4. Japanese Maples

  5. False Cyprus

  6. Floss Silk Tree

  7. Fruitless Olive Trees

  8. Ironwood

  9. Palo Verde


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