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The Sanctuaries in your Home

While the living room is the central activity area of the family unit, so it's easy to see if some cleaning needs to be done or not. This is the area is what you normally do a little daily cleaning on, as this is where surprise visitors are ushered into. This is usually the kids' study area, and where you would put all the food, if watching a show with family.

But this place is not your Sanctuary. Your Sanctuary is a place where you feel most comfortable in. A place you relax in.

The place you escape to, when it's loud, or even if the noise is just in your head.

Other than your room, it's usually the bathroom. For some, it's the kitchen, as well.

This is why cleaning companies, housekeeping services and maid agencies focus especially on these areas.

Because we know the price of peace of mind. Of comfort and safety. Where you can just Be.

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