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About us

Making the success of your business our priority.


Connecting communities and cultures with families and individuals alike through one mission. Delivering the best cleans and products to any home.

Community, Culture, Kindness.

Our three core values match our one mission. Delivering the best DoubleTime cleaning specialists, creating the best DTC cleaning products to every family and home, creating a service based around honesty and reliability.

But why did we start? 

DoubleTime Cleaning started because of the need for the general public to have a clean, disinfected home when faced with a pandemic crisis.  Having experience in the medical field, it is a proven fact that excessively dirty homes deteriorates immune systems, agitates respiratory systems, and for some can even cause issues with skin.  We wanted to create an affordable system that will benefit the community in more ways than one for the health and safety of our clients and their loved ones.

Research shows that the use of harsh chemicals can also be damaging to your lungs, so we utilize the option to use organic chemicals.  The only exception are for extremely hard to clean areas such as extreme oven cleans and tile and grout.  Organic chemicals are safer, and provide a more comforting aroma.

And finally to ensure quality, we have a 54 point check system, periodic inspections, and follow up rating and suggestions email to continuously improve the quality of our work.  We hire only the best experienced cleaners that undergo background checks, training, and who always aim for client satisfaction.  And of course, we are bonded and insured.

Thank you for stopping by and we are confident that you will enjoy our quality, and highly affordable, services.

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