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Quarterly Maintenance Services

We know how time-consuming it is to keep track of what needs to be replaced, replenished, or repaired. We developed this service, in order to maximize your client experience, by leaving almost everything to us. 

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Why it's Necessary: 

  • To increase the longevity of your property’s appearance, environment, and its appliances.

  • To maintain and/or improve efficiency of any appliance/fixture in use.


  • To decrease utility expenses.


  • To ensure a positive, memorable stay for your guests.

Tasks Performed

One visit per month completed within the turnover calendar (no blocked dates needed)

  • Replacement of any standard light bulbs as needed (includes exterior "string" style light bulbs) 

  • Replacement of standard air filter 

  • Replacement of entry lock batteries (each month) as well as any other standard batteries in home (as needed) 

  • Full check of all sinks, toilets and drains (small tweaks such as snake style hair removal from drains included- bids provided if excessive). 

  • Operations check of grill, dishwasher, garbage disposal and washer/dryer 

  • Opening and inspecting of all doors and cabinets and tightening as needed (bids provided if excessive) 

  • Tightening of any applicable furniture including chair legs, bunk bed stairs, bed frames, etc. 

  • Access to 24/7 emergency repairs as needed (priced per occurrence) 

  • Install and maintain first aid kit within home 

  • Photos of all work completed as well as complete property photos to include landscape condition, pool clarity and exterior of home.

Some Items of  Note:

  • Replacement Air Filters and Batteries are included in this service.


  • Maintenance should not be mistaken for Handyman, as these are minor tasks/repairs, however, we will report any findings in a timely manner, just as our cleaners do.

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Updates are provided, as the service is performed, because we value Timeliness in Resolution, and especially Client Feedback and Collaboration.

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We currently provide service to Dallas, Fort Worth, and its surrounding areas. We are slowly expanding into Phoenix, AZ.


Call us anytime, if you have inquiries or would like to confirm if your area is within our coverage.

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