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Battle of the Mops! Swiffer vs O-Cedar vs Shark Steam

DoubleTime Cleaning of Glenn Heights, excels in all cleans. Why? We test things! All the time. You should see Chris when he reads something, sees a new machine, or comes across a seemingly impossible cleaning task. Gloves on, beakers out, and starts talking through an entire hypothesis, research, and the rest of a scientific process. The goal of course, is to provide the BEST cleans with effective results to provide for his cleaners, AND to pass on the knowledge to his readers and clients. You have seen the previous posts with Dawn/Vinegar mixes, baking soda and vinegar pastes. Now, he wanted to have the best for floors. So here we go!

Swiffer (or similar): The great thing about using a Swiffer is that you don't have to drag any buckets around. You spray and glide the way your heart desires, then toss the dirty pad away when it gets to be too much. The front of each pad also has a rough side to scrub some pesky areas on the floor. Sounds great right?! It's also relatively cost effective, roughly $12 depending on where you shop, and then you just buy the replacement pads. Over....and over....and over....Which brings us to the downside. You get what you pay for. Swiffers do tend to break easier. The attachments also tend to slide off mid clean, so here you are trying to put a semi dirty pad back on, or throwing it away and having to get a new one, sometimes with every clean. When Chris tested it out, he just left it as the back up to the back up, and if that one needed a back up to an absolute necessary clean, then he might think about using a Swiffer. It's a convenient quick pick up for small areas, or even a studio sized apartment if it was semi clean already. Any dirtier or larger space than that, it just ends up just pushing leftover dirt or messes around.

O-Cedar: More specifically this is for the spin mop, although we are aware of a ring mop but the concept is similar. This has been our favorite for a long time. The spin mechanism of the mop bucket makes the mop just wet enough to do the job, without leaving a sloppy wet job like traditional mops. Also, all of their mop heads are microfiber, making them safe for any floor. What's even better is that if you frequently mop, you can buy a couple more mop heads for cheap, and reuse them. Toss them in the washer and you're good to go for another few rounds. Recently O-Cedar has released a DUAL BUCKET....err...bucket. This is so that you're no longer using the same water that you would normally use while you're mopping. It's a little pricier (roughly $60 for the bucket) but worth it for a better clean. Also, for space saving purposes, the mops collapse. You can use different chemicals for different surfaces and be confident that you're using friendly material. We at DoubleTime use them still, but carrying and pushing buckets around, it became a bit cumbersome. Scrubbing with an O-Cedar mop gets to be laborious and for tough areas, you'll need to get on your hand and knees with some other chemicals and a scrubber.

Steam Mop: We tried two Sharks, a regular flat pad steam mop and a rotating steam mop and....where was this in life? At first Chris was excited with the regular flat pad. It could get corners, there was no bucket to haul around, 1,457 times better than a swiffer, and just overall easy to use. Pads are also microfiber, safe to use, and easily washable just like the mop heads from O-Cedar. The great thing about the steam mop is that it disinfects. We're talking about small jets of piping hot steam that will make a covid virus shrivel at sight. There's barely any excess water that it leaves behind and like the O-Cedar, it'll dry up in minutes. Tough area? No more getting on your hands and knees to scrub, the steam will break it down safely with a few passes and clean that right up. Rotating steam mops are even better! Just turn it on, give it a minute to warm up, and the mop basically walks itself cleaning and disinfecting like you're getting the place ready for royalty to come by. Our first time using it we received a call from an AirBnB host expressing how great the floors looked. And you only need water! No need to go through charts, or DoubleTime's training programs, or Google to see what chemicals you need. You just need water. Downside is, it can't be used on floors that are not sealed, nor wax covered floors. The other downside is that for larger homes, you may have to refill the reservoir 2 or 3 times.

Who wins??

Basically any steam mop. But it'll be good to have any of the other two nearby as a back up or just in case.


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