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DOUBLETIME CLEANING: carefully engineered solutions

Updated: Apr 22

We've always taken pride in the fact that we are always trying new and different things, in order to find better ways to solve problems, and improve how we provide service.

When you see the pictures we post of our successful turnovers, what you're looking at is the accumulation of all the feedback we've received, the trial and error that comes with experience, and the desire and dedication to excellence.

Because of this, we are always growing. We are always learning.

Of course, the true test to confirm the system we built really works, is Replication.

Sure enough, we were able to successfully expand into Atlanta and Houston.

But what else can we do? How else can we lessen the customer's burden?

We started observing and taking note of the issues that would come up a lot, during cleans.

Such as replacing air filters, some minor fixtures needing repairs, even something like needing to swap out lightbulbs and/or batteries.

Small problems that could have been avoided, minor issues that wouldn't have turned worse, if periodic inspection and maintenance checks were being performed.

Part of the difficulty, when needing assistance, is not knowing who to trust.

But what if a team you already trust, offered you a service you actually needed? And they would know best how to help, because they are directly exposed to it, and understand it best.

Best of all, you know the quality and thoroughness of their work.

And this is exactly how our Quarterly Maintenance Service was introduced.

It started out as additional, individual services, but after careful observation, we concluded that a quarterly subscription that included inspection, testing, and upkeep would be more in line with the customer's needs.

Since most of our clients are AirBnBs, properties, appliances, fixtures, and drainage doesn't see heavy use the way a normal residence does. There is less buildup. Less wear-and-tear. Especially since it is regularly cleaned after every booking.

While we are a heart, we put the customer's needs first and foremost.

We don't just think of solutions. We observe, we test, then apply them.

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