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Having Someone's house cleaned is an Expression of Love.

Until technology finds an affordable way to replace professional house cleaners/ cleaning companies, and automatically clean every aspect of the house, it will remain something that people will have to manually do.

A lot of us are pretty much doing everything we can, and have multiple jobs, just to get by.

And despite this tiring us out on the daily, we still need to find time to clean house...somehow.

That's why paying for a loved-one's house cleaning, is a thoughtful, loving gift.

Because while hiring a maid service / housekeeping service is something they need, what you are really giving them is time.

Time to spend with loved ones, that they normally would either spend working, or cleaning.

Time to finally get some rest. Do some self-care.

Things people normally neglect, but are essential.

Think about it. Even if you gift them with a spa day, unless they have time to go, it might end up unused.

But if you gift them something that actually frees up a chunk of time, AND have it result in a clean house?

That's therapeutic in and of itself.


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