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Hiring the right cleaners

DoubleTime Cleaning has some stringent hiring criteria, 5%-7% of applicants actually make it through the process and graduating to their full salary. After that, training becomes on going. So what do we look for when we look at candidates?

Social Media. Oh yes, if you are still on the fence if employers look at social media to analyze their candidates, they do. Do they carry themselves well? How do they convey their words? We take this into account because of the interactions that they may have with our clients.

Interview: Our questions aren't the typical generic types such as "where do you see yourself in 5 years". We ask certain items about the job they are applying to, such as how would you approach a dirty kitchen with an oven clean. We look for certain answers that lets us know it is someone that uses common sense and knows what they're doing. Experience on a resume is almost irrelevant. We have witnessed experienced cleaners vastly underperform cleaners with only 1 year experience. So we take a look at the current knowledge base and situation handling abilities. After all, we hire already with the intent to promote, so we look for leaders with ambition.

Background Checks: EVERY single cleaner has undergone state and federal background checks.

And orientation: Orientation is really still an "interview", where this time they start off with watching how they vacuum, wipe down, etc. If it's still someone that we want to work with, we finish the paperwork and start going over policies, procedures, techniques, rules, etc.

We want to establish a positive working environment, and we also want to make sure that our cleaners are taken care of. So we pay one of the highest W2 wages in the state, as well as bonuses. We even bring them lunch here and there, take them out to dinner, etc. DoubleTime Cleaning is all about growth and continuous training, so clients can rest assured that their cleaner is well taken care of and treated right by the company. We also DO NOT1099 any contractors. The rules that we set in place applies to everyone, under the same guarantee, with the same organic cleaning solvents and quality equipment, and they are all covered by our insurance. So you don't have to worry about a contractor going rogue doing their own thing and potentially not having up to date insurance.


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