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Home Cleaning is a Shared Responsibility

Whether it's just you or your partner, or if you're living with your parents, or sharing a house with friends. HOME CLEANING IS A SHARED RESPONSIBILITY.

Cleaning your own home isn't done by just one person, unless you have no choice and live alone. As long as you're living with friends or family, everyone has to do it.

That way, it's not as tiring or stressful for just one person. Several people sharing the load goes a long way.

If you have kids, regardless of gender, start them early. From something as easy as putting away their toys, or putting their dirty clothes in the laundry basket directly after taking a bath and getting dressed, to eventually assigning them an appliance or area to clean, this needs to be done.

They may be kids, now. but they'll be adults, soon enough. Cooking, and cleaning are life skills they need to learn at home, if there are no classes for it at school.

But of course, there are days when we all need a break, even with the home cleaning shared.

And we hope you think of us, when that happens.


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