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How to Achieve Work-Life Balance, when Handling Short-Term Rentals

(and how OUR cleaning service / housekeeping company can help)

Work-Life balance. Is it achievable, if you're working STRs?

If it's one or two, it's probably manageable. Even a 3rd.

But the more you manage, the more difficult it gets. You find you need to hire additional people, just to help you make sure the properties are in good shape, as well as coordinate with customers, because it's hard to keep track.

Can you imagine only having to worry about guest relations?

No hygiene products, or consumables to intermittently replenish and keep track of.

Not having to worry about linen damage and supply.

Being informed of repair and maintenance needs, but only to schedule when you'd like someone to come by and fix things. As opposed to having to look around for a specific type of repairman.

And never having to keep track of all the separate receipts for it all, on your expense sheet.

If time is money, you know what a solution like this is really worth to you.

But the good news is, It's probably more affordable than you think.

Call us to inquire! We're eager to tell you all about it!

THIS is what our services and team of professional cleaners can do.


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