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Oh Those Unsightly Hard Water Marks...and how to beat them

We all see it. And I don't think anyone has every looked at hard water spots and thought to themselves "wow, what an amazing customized texture to the glass". No! We all just want to get rid of them! And we have a few more tricks up our sleeves to conquer and shine.

By now you know that we use mostly organic cleaners (lets face it, they're just the overall best for 90% of the work). Or we conjure up ancient cleaning secrets used by the cleaners of the pharaohs. Too much? Ok, not that old. But there are and will be times when organic solvents just can't cut it. There's actually several ways to conquer the ugliness of hard water, let's start with the best.


Shocking, I know. What better way to get rid of marks but by scratching up the glass, but the job will be done right? I'm kidding. More specifically 0000 Steel Wool. Really you can almost use even basic solvents but when you really want the job done, "Bar Keeper's Friend" is a friendly cleaner that you can use. 0000 Steel Wool + Bar Keeper's Friend is hard water spot enemy number 1. It isn't organic, but it's not as harsh as some other alternatives. The powder version is the best. You get into a Comet mode but far more effective and less harsh.

CLR (Calcium, Lyme, Rust) cleaners are pretty good too. You can ease up on the rag a little bit and put a little elbow grease, but it's not our go to method.

Some people even go through with razor blades. I'm guessing that's for people with a LOT of time on their hands. Truthfully, I haven't tried it, nor do I want to when 007...I mean 0000...does the job perfectly.


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