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Prevention is the Best Cure: What our Maintenance Service Can do For You!

."I don't see how everyone doesn't use this service for their Airbnbs!"

In addition to our top tier turnover cleaning services, we have a monthly maintenance program that keeps a property optimized and reduces the chance of costlier calls.

You don't have to be a turnover client to sign up.

This is what we typically find when we start a client off.

> Water hasn't started backing up from the drain but it would have been a plumber's call.

> The air filter was clogged

> We were even able to save some of the furniture before they got too damaged.

Imagine being out of town when your guests arrive and the door lock runs out of battery.

A few things that our monthly maintenance program includes:

-Clogged or not, running snakes through any sink, drain, or toilet. - changing out batteries on door locks, remotes, smoke alarms, etc. - turning on all appliances to check functionality - checking all furniture, drawers, cabinets, and tightening any screws coming loose that would eventually lead to breaking. - replacing standard light bulbs including on lamps - replacing the air filter - small fixes

And more.

With our monthly maintenance program you can keep your short term rental optimized at all times and prevent costlier calls. And it's only $150/month!


we currently provide service to the ff areas:

Glenn Heights


Fort Worth





Farmer's Branch

Grand Prairie


If interested, feel free to reach out to us! We'll be more than happy to confirm if your area is somewhere we can accommodate! 469-912-1172



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