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Properly Maintaining Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are in many homes across the country, but the knowledge of how to keep them clean and protected is not as widespread. Granite requires more than just a wipe down, so here are some tips to keep that countertop looking brand new for years to come.

Practice regular cleanings

Regular counter cleanings should be done with warm water and dish soap. Don’t use vinegar, Windex, or bleach on granite. Granite isn’t as porous as marble and is, therefore, less prone to soaking up oils, spills, and stains. Preventing stains is key to maintaining granite countertops, so regular cleanings will keep you ahead of the curve.

Remove stains quickly

Make sure to remove potential stains before they have a chance to set. Create a paste of baking soda and water and then scrub the spot with the paste. Rinse off the paste and continue to clean as normal. If you come across an extremely tough stain, let the paste sit for several hours until it dries. Once it has dried, you can wipe it up with a warm cloth.

Reseal when necessary

Every 2-4 years, your countertops will need resealed. This is a job typically best left to professionals. Even if you are cleaning your countertops correctly, normal wear and tear will weaken your sealant, making your granite susceptible to stains.


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