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Refrigerator Containers: An Exercise in Order and Preservation.

We love refrigerator containers. It makes it easier to organize what goes into your ref.

From preserving food that might spoil in the open, to preventing something that may potentially spill onto the ref itself by containing the mess, to just making it easier to find and arrange everything, using refrigerator containers are a big help, when trying to keep your drinks, snacks, and meals in order.

Look at that picture below. The clear ones even allow you to view the contents, so you're not guessing what's in it. you can marinade and prep different meats and meals before storing it into a the freezer, in a container.

You can easily tell what you're running low on, and if anything is going bad.

You can probably put a sticker label on them, in case different family members have their own separate snacks.

The possibilities all rely on the space in your ref, the type of container you use, and your imagination.


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