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Scheduling your House Cleaners to come by on a Weekday

It's almost the weekend. Of course you were too tired to clean the week before.

You barely have enough time for yourself, after work, much less have your house cleaned.

Too tired to clean the house during the weekend? Understandable. We want weekends to be fun and restful, not time to do some other kind of work.

And while you can stay at home, and have your house cleaned on the weekend, let's be honest. Sometimes, it's a little awkward to make conversation, while someone is cleaning your house.

When you want to stay in, you want to be comfortable.

And this is why you schedule your cleaning company or maid service appointments on the weekday, while at work, preferably Thursday or Friday, so that come weekend, whether you decide to go out or stay in, your house is still relatively pristine. You will wake up to a clean home, sleep in a clean home, and have a thoroughly relaxed weekend.

This Thursday (or Friday). Leave a messy house, and call it in.

After work, come home to the joy and comfort of a freshly-cleaned abode.

So soak it in. You deserve it


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