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Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Extra square footage might not be your thing. Maybe you don’t like having too much extra space, or maybe you’re saving up to up your square footage. Either way, you may be looking for ways to better utilize what space you do have now for storage. One of the best ways to manage storage in a small space is to ensure you are organized. In today’s world, there is an organizational hack for just about anything. Here are a few storage tips and tricks for a few of the harder items to reduce space for.

Summer/Winter Wardrobe

Under-bed storage is one of the best places to store winter or summer gear. Make sure you have enough space under your bed for some storage bins, and invest in a handful where you can neatly store away your off-season wardrobe. If you don’t have under-bed space, invest in a few cascading hangers.

Extra Bedding

Vacuum storage bags are great to have if you are living in a small space. While you may not want to use them on your seasonal wardrobe, you can use these bags for extra bedding so you can store them easily when guests aren’t around.

Shoe Collection

A burgeoning shoe collection can take on a life of its own if not properly corralled. Take it back to dorm-room days with an over-the-door shoe organizer. These college favorites are popular for a reason — they store a dozen pairs of shoes or more, plus scarves, baseball caps, belts, and chunky necklaces.

Keepsakes + Decor

If there are some keepsake items you aren’t ready to part with, see if you can use them as decorative pieces. Finding strategic locations in your home to place shelves with help you find a home for your keepsake items while also decorating your home.


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