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Surveys and Feedback: Why it Matters.

When booking an appointment for anything, whether it be food, medical, a cleaning company or maid service, answering the survey / providing feedback is important.

This is how proprietors know what is being done right, and what needs to be fixed.

If it's positive, it confirms that the existing processes and the people involved are doing the right thing. It also boosts the morale of the house cleaner / home care specialist who completed the task, which, in turn, encourages them to keep doing better.

If it's negative and constructive, it helps us identify what went wrong, and fix either the process, or coach/provide supplementary training/observation to whichever cleaner was sent.

So that your relationship with us, will only improve over time.

Affordable doesn't need to be subpar.

We are here to provide you impeccable service, within your reach.


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