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The Magic of Dawn

Dawn dish soap. Great for washing dishes. One of the highest rated grease cutters of its type. Also known to be effective when cleaning animals after an oil spill. For some reason or another, other competitors just can't touch it when it comes to being effective. AND, just finding out from personal experience, GREAT at killing fleas off a dog!

Believe me if I was getting to get paid to sell Dawn products I'd be doing more than just a blog site on it. So I writing for a cleaning company?? Well, this is one of our secrets so....shhhhhhh, don't let anyone know I told you ;).

Dawn/Vinegar 50/50. Mix the two in a spray bottle and BAM, instant homemade, POWERFUL degreaser that is both friendly to use around pets and kids, and can cut the crud in some of the toughest cleans. We have tested pricey degreasing and CLR products against this combination on heavily greased surfaces, hard water, and mildew, and this mix cuts through it all. Keep in mind, it must be the original blue Dawn dish soap, not any other brands.

Dawn/Vinegar/Water 33/33/33 and 1 part love. That even mix makes for a very useful, highly effective multi-purpose cleaner that's virtually unrivaled!

Keep following us for more tips. Believe me, I'm like a mad scientist out here testing different combinations to see what works and what doesn't work, old school tales to prove or disprove, just to make the lives easire for my cleaners....and to share them with you ;).


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