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We're Hiring! Interested? Here's What You're Getting Yourself Into.

Part of our hiring process includes checking for comprehension and the ability to follow instructions, so if you're interested make sure to send all your relevant details to us via our Facebook:

Here is a previous post during our last hiring season. It's the same compensation package:

Now that we've gotten that sorted (as this is usually the points that are important to prospective applicants) if you're still interested, reading through this will definitely help in getting you selected.

Physical Items you'll need:

1) A Car.

You will be bringing mops and other cleaning equipment. You may have to go to more than one location in a day. Since we allocate gas per property cleaned, you will earn more, if you have one. And if you don't, it will be hard for us to schedule you, if only to find someone who has a nearby appointment, to drop you off.

2) A mobile phone with access to google drive, sheets, and docs

Your cleaning checklist is there, so you don't have to bring a physical list/document. This is where we upload the documents we ask you to sign, when we hire you. We make it easy for you to track your own data.

Working Expectations:

1) Sundays and Mondays are usually our busiest days. Let's just get that out of the way. We will definitely need someone who is willing to work on those days. Should you need a day off or be on vacation on a specific Sunday or Monday, please provide at 1-2 weeks notice, so we can make sure we can be adequately staffed while you're out.

2) Respect for people's time. If you're not feeling well that you feel you might miss work or might be late, please provide notice 2 hours prior to your cleaning appointment. At the end of day we both value the need for you to be safe and prioritize your health, as well as make sure it does not affect the customer who needs us to arrive at a specific time.

3) Willingness to learn and Collaborate. Sharing each others' best practices, to both shorten our cleaning time, while improving the quality of our work is our topmost priority. If you have no prior experience, a willingness and eagerness to learn goes a long way. There is a training period you'll undergo, where we can assess if you're a good fit for us or not. Work is always about having a good attitude/outlook about it, your development while learning/improving a skill, and teamwork.

You Rise. We Rise.

We hope this helps, and we are eager to have you become part of our Team!


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