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What NOT to use Vinegar on, When Cleaning.

While you can use Vinegar to clean a lot of things, there are also certain things you should not, CANNOT use it on.

As it will cause Damage.

And it's not surprising. After all, Vinegar is an acid. Even when using it for cleaning, water dilution is still necessary.

Anyway, here are some things you may have at home that you should NOT use vinegar on.

1) Gold Plating.

Vinegar will dissolve it. It may go from a gradual color degradation to a full-on color change.

2) Rubber

Some people apply vinegar, when using their washing machines and dishwasher.

Don't. If you have appliances that have rubber parts that the vinegar may eventually soak into, just don't do it. You may think it'll be fine, since the soap and water will dilute it, but trust me. Keep doing it enough, and you'll end up with a problem.

3) Your metal knives, your clothes iron, and your cast iron pans that don't have enamel coating.

Typical cast iron corrodes at a pH lower than 4.3; pure white vinegar (5%) has a pH of 2.4 and wine is around 3.2 to 3.8. If you plan to use either of these in cast iron, you'd better make sure they are heavily diluted. (source:

4) Countertops made of stone, such as limestone and granite, Stone Floors are also a No.

It will damage the smooth texture, and cause discoloration. Just go with warm, soapy water, on this one.

5) Hardwood floors.

For very similar reason to the countertops. It will strip away the finish, and cause discoloration.

While you CAN do a lot with vinegar, always make sure you ALSO check what you shouldn't use it for.

As G. I Joe would say, knowing is half the battle!


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