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Reasons to hire a Professional Cleaning Company or Maid Service for Your Property.

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

A lot of people think that having your house cleaned is something only rich people or businesses do, because of how expensive it is.

Because why have your house cleaned, when we've all been doing it ourselves?

We'd like you to consider the ff:

1) Especially if we have pets and children, It's better to do some of it on a daily basis. The usual sweeping and mopping. Wiping the immediate sink area. Fixing the rooms/beds. Mopping the bathroom. The laundry and everything else, you pick a day for. Maybe once a week or twice a month.

But do we really do it? These days, just going to work, preparing meals and taking/picking up kids to school is tiring enough. How often do we take the time to do a basic clean, much less a deep clean of the house, the way we really want, even when we need it?

2) Yes, you can clean the house. But you're most likely cleaning the way your parents cleaned. And while it does get the job done, you don't know if the cleaning materials you're using is harmful to you, as well as the material you're applying it on. You don't know if when you mix cleaning agents together, they either cancel each other out, or make the solution more toxic to your health and that of whatever it is you're trying to clean. There are also things like a specific type of stain that you might not know how to get rid of, or cleaning problems that you can't fix. And you end up either replacing said item or just dealing with it.

But that's exactly why and when you SHOULD hire a house cleaner. A specialist.

When you do, you aren't just paying to have your house cleaned the way you want, but the way it needs. Maids who know which chemicals work best, in order to preserve the materials your house and furniture are made of. Chemicals that won't be toxic to your health and environment. Who will know if that particular pan you can't get the lumps out of can still recover, or if you should finally let go and replace it.

You are buying not just the service itself, but expert knowledge and experience, and especially Time. Freedom. Peace of Mind. Comfort. Joy, even.

When you don't have to clean, you finally have time for yourself.

Go on vacation. Go to a spa, or on a date.

Finally hang out with your friends or your family, and really connect, instead of just having to listen half-heartedly, because you're tired from all the work.

Catch up on your reading or your favorite shows. We can clean, while you watch or hang out at home. The chemicals we use are mostly organic and we follow protocols, so it is perfectly safe.

And after we're done, that feeling of seeing your countertops and tables, gleaming...that feeling of lying on the bed on freshly laundered sheets. Just running your fingers over spotless surfaces....the joy and peace that comes from having your home cleaned fully, safely, exactly the way you want or better...THAT is what you're really paying for.

And the great thing is, with the right company, you might find that it actually doesn't cost as much as you'd expect. We have very competitive prices for quality work.


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