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When to Call It In: Getting your Property Cleaned.

It isn't just residential property that needs house cleaners or cleaning companies. And just because it involves usually the same materials, doesn't mean the amount of effort is the same.

But when do you know for sure, that you need to call it in? Here are some examples.

1) When You Don't Know How.

Now don't get me wrong. not everyone has this problem. But while kids at home can be told to clean their room by their parents...honestly, when kids move out and live on their own? They tend to neglect this. And a lot of them tend to forget. And it goes either one of two ways:

They choose to live with it, or they start learning. And while you can google things, or watch videos, at the end of the day, nothing beats having a professional house keeper or maid service do it once, and follow them while they do it. Ask questions. Make notes. These are people who make their living out of this. If anyone's got hacks, THEY DO.

Of course, if they choose to live with it, they're going to need help at some point. And depending on how bad it is? They are definitely going to need a professional.

2) When You Don't Have Time

Let's say you're a building administrator and/or owner. You already have a lot of paperwork to deal with, you can't possibly clean the building/property too. Moving in / Out ? You probably have to coordinate the move. Post-construction? Bills and Paperwork are eating your time.

There's too much to do, and too little time.

3) You Need To Impress.

Preparing for an Open House? Expecting friends, acquaintances, or buisness partners and co-workers for an event you're in charge of?

You will be accountable, and in the spot light. In the very least, the location and its amenities NEED to be SPOTLESS. And there are a lot of things you might miss, since what people are normally used to, is regular house clean.

4) You Don't Have The Supplies/Equipment Needed

Are you going to buy a specialized mop or vacuum, that you won't really need all the time? Have you already switched to non-toxic organic chemicals that safe, for your cleaning supplies/necessities? These are just some of the examples we can name, offhand. Sometimes, it's cheaper to pay to have a task done, than having to purchase the needed equipment.

5) If You Can Afford It

Just think about it. You get peace of mind, a clean house, AND you've helped your community by supporting a small, cleaning business.

AND! It's really not as expensive as you think.

Maybe you should head on over to our Main Page and click on Get Quote to customize your clean.

You might be surprised at how competitive our rates are.


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