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Why A Linen Service is still Necessary, even when you have your Own Sheets.

(especially when they're also your house cleaning service provider)

Here's 4 reasons: Wear, Tear, Stain, and Theft.

And the problem with those four, is they're pretty much unpredictable.

And among them, stains are something that happens, A LOT.

Not to mention, because of these unpredictable factors, you'll still have instances where you don't always have enough linens and towels on site, and end up blocking off another extra day or two, or even cancel in rare instances, in order to restock, when this happens.

Something that you wouldn't need to worry about, if we (as your home cleaner / housekeeping crew) already brought all the linens you'd need, on the scheduled cleaning day.

Worries about cost? Inquiries don't cost a thing. It might be more affordable that you think.

Worried about quality? Or what type of sets we carry? We can show samples, so that you can check for yourself. After all, poor-quality sheets and towels are definitely something that could affect your ratings, and nobody wants that.

What are you actually paying for, if you decide to sign up for it?

Time. Smaller Margin of Error. Less effort. Peace of Mind. SAVINGS.

Yes, Savings.

A regular family home already has its own sheets. But we always keep buying more at some point, for those same 4 reasons (well, maybe not theft).

For an STR with a regular, continuous turnover? This is already an inevitability. As a cleaning company, this is what we normally observe. We're sure, as STR hosts/owners, you know this, as well.

In the very least, running the numbers, once we discuss pricing wouldn't hurt.

And if it turns out we can help you manage your STRs better because of it?

That is EXACTLY why we decided to add it.

You Rise, We Rise.


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