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Why Move Out Cleans Are So Pricey

DoubleTime Cleaning as a professional house cleaning service has set trainings for different types of cleans: residential maintenance/deep, short term rentals (such as AirBnB/VRBO), and post construction/Move In/Out cleans. We get asked, we'll publicly answer. All items are moved out of a home, so what makes this clean so pricey?

Glad you asked! Move out cleans is as close to restoration as it gets without having to do general contracting work. It's all inclusive on the inside in areas that you never would have thought. Have you ever cleared out an apartment and no matter how clean you are, no matter how frequently and professionally a place is kept, it STILL looks like dirt got into places that you never would have thought? Well that's where we come in.

Move Out/Move In cleaning programs are designed to restore a place back into move in condition. Where tubs get steam cleaned, tile and grout, fan blades get wiped down, blinds get individually wiped, ovens get brought back to near store condition, refrigerators get cleaned out, even vents get wiped. In extreme cases, our crew has even had to hand scrub floors. Now that we have more sophisticated equipment that's no longer necessary.

Of course painting, carpet cleaning, or grout restoration and sealing are done by different companies, but the last line of defense to bringing a home back to glory relies on us, the professional well trained cleaners.


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