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Why You Schedule your Cleaning Company or Housekeeping Service on Weekends

It's the weekend. It's time to relax. This is the perfect day to sleep in, after a long work week, and if you blew off some steam, Friday night and went out.

If you schedule your professional cleaner to arrive at about 11 or 12, you could go out and have lunch, do the groceries, or catch a movie. Hang out with friends, in time to come home to a fresh, clean home.

No dirt. No laundry. Fresh sheets. Clothes folded. If you did the grocery, then with the kitchen so clean, you might be inspired to cook something fancy for dinner.

After a hard week at work, the last thing you need, is more work at home.

So call us. Schedule late. Sleep in, and when you're ready to go out to get supplies, we'll arrive. You get home and find everything sorted, and you can just keep enjoying your weekend.

Now, let's say you didn't want to get up, and wanted to stay in bed all day? We got you.

We use organic chemicals, so there is no need to leave while we clean. It's not harmful to your health. no fumes to worry about, and it's gentle on your home's surfaces, even as it kills bacteria, and breaks down stains.

So you can curl up at home, while we clean and sort it all, and just stay in.

That's why you schedule on the weekends.

So you can get the most out of it.


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