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Your Friendly, Neighborhood Cleaning Heroes.

For most, Sundays are the last stretch of time you get, before it starts all over again.

You are either making the most of it, finishing last-minute tasks for work or school, or starting preparations for the following week.

But if you work for a maid service or a cleaning company, more often than not, you are working on the weekends. In fact, it may even be your busiest day.

Home cleaners are especially busy on Sundays and Mondays, when they have AirBnB clients, as these are the days guests normally check out, as well as residential cleans for peple who had scheduled weekend plans with family and friends.

And we are happy to do it. We are eager to help.

We may be paid for it, but the value that you get for being able to fully enjoy your time of rest? It's not something you can measure.

And it is work that we are proud of, as we are getting paid to help people put a little more life in their living, by subtracting a time-consuming, stressful, yet necessary chore.

We may not be saving you from a monster or terrorist, real or imagined.

But we are freeing you from this shackle called 'house work' so you can make better use of your limited time.

Saving you from this unavoidable time constraint, one appointment at a time.


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