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Accountability: We take Ownership.

Nobody wants or expects something to go wrong, but when it does, the last thing anyone wants to hear is whose fault it is. This is true for everything, especially when looking for maid services or cleaning companies to service your home, office, or AirBnB.

Because when a mistake is made, the responsibility for it needs to be taken as a whole. We are all responsible. We will look into what caused the issue, and provide an report regarding it. We will acknowledge our opportunities, apologize for the negative effects caused by it, and focus on how to fix the problem. We will then coach and monitor our cleaning specialist so that it never happens again.

We are all continuously striving for excellence, and it is not something that can be achieved by ignoring a problem or making excuses for it. This is why when we make lapses, We Acknowledge. We make plans on how to resolve them. We make sure our house cleaners and management are on the same page and working together towards improvement.

We are Reliable, because we are Accountable.


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