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Determing the Right Paint Finish

Paint is one of the easiest ways to change the feel of a room – or even a home. A fresh coat of paint in a trendy color can update a room in an instant. Choosing the color is only one aspect of picking the right paint; the finish or sheen is also important to the look and feel of the space.

Flat Finish Flat finishes is exactly like it sounds – flat. There is no sheen at all. Today’s matte finishes reflect rich tones and are much more luxurious than the dull finishes of the past. Use for:  Ceilings  Dining Rooms  Formal Living Rooms  Adult Bedrooms

Satin Finish Satin finishes have just a slight sheen. These finishes reflect the light softly and provide a richer look and feel than flat paint. These are better for high-traffic locations than flat.  Halls  Baseboards  Family Rooms  Children’s Bedrooms

Semi-Gloss Semi-gloss provides even more shine. These paints can make a room seem larger by providing a slight gleam from the painted surfaces. Easy to clean, a semi-gloss paint works well in areas frequently cleaned.  Kitchens  Bathrooms  Closet Doors and Cabinets  Stair Rails and Banisters

Gloss A high gloss paint is the brightest available. These paints bring out the truest color of the paint and provide a durable finish for areas you wish to highlight. A high-gloss paint works well for accents.  Wood Trim  Doors  Furniture

Each of these types of finishes has variations as well. Today’s paints are more luxurious with deep, rich pigments and more durable elements. Choosing the right color and finish can bring freshness and modernity to any room or home.


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