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When To Start Delegating Chores to your Kids

There are several reasons why you need to delegate chores to your children, the least of which, is so that you aren't overwhelmed by doing it alone, and the first and foremost being: they will, one day, live on their own, and will need to know how to do it.

The generation that's in their 40s now, were still indoctrinated into having just female children help out. Thankfully, these same parents are slowly trying to break this cycle and including all their children, when teaching them to do chores.

But when should we start?

We can start as early as 2-3 years old, with something easy: Putting away their toys. Having them bring their dirty clothes to the hamper, when you change them.

As they learn to do more things, you can teach them other things like how to dress themselves. How to fold their clothes.

Of course, it's not just one parent and the kids who should do chores. It's equally important for the children to see their other parent participate. This way, everyone working together to maintain the house is normalized.

This way, when they grow up, they will also try to share the house upkeep tasks with whichever partner they choose.

You don't have to go hard.

Start small, while they're small, and go from there.


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